Pre-prejoin Donations     Posted on December 29, 2021

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Hi everyone! I've more or less got the layout sorted, so the next big jobs are writing up some content and creating a load of decks ready for prejoin. To help with that, if anyone fancies donating images as part of pre-prejoin please head here to claim and donate! Any donations are super appreciated, and you'll get donation rewards when the TCG opens. :3 There are no limits on pre-prejoin donations, so go wild if you have a bunch of images saved. There are 20 images per deck, so 25-30 images donated would be ideal. Thank you in advance!

To-do list     Posted on December 27, 2021

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Sonder, an in-progress TCG which will focus on Travel & Culture. If everything goes to plan, Prejoin should be open some time in January with a full opening a month or so after. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message on Discord (gem#6902).

I'll be opening up for pre-prejoin donations in the next week or so - an update will be posted here, and I'll also post on the TCG Community Discord so keep your eyes peeled if that's of interest!

To do List

About Page

- Intro
- TCG 101

- Game Mechanics - Levelling & Masteries
- Currency & Coupons
- Donation Guidelines

Site Creation

- Layout
- Level Badges
- Affiliate Buttons
- List @ Arctic Rose
- Send out affiliation requests to active TCGs


- Card Template
- Member Card Template
- Create 60 decks


- Page Layout
- Weekly Games
- Biweekly Games
- Monthly Games

Everything Else

- Draft Automatic Blog Post
- Cron Jobs
- Set up shop

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