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Below you will find all of the upcoming card decks here at Sonder TCG which are either complete (made but haven't been released). Any decks that have been listed here are no longer subject for claiming or donation. Please do not take cards from this page - they have not been released yet!

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Top 5 Donators

Gem 24
Kayori 9
Mysti 7
Emelie 6
saya 4

Multiple Regions

Color Deckname #/$
DeepPink Easter Eggs (eastereggs) 20/1


Color Deckname #/$
DarkOrange Sossusvlei (sossusvlei) 20/1

Americas - North

Color Deckname #/$
Crimson Golden Gate Bridge (goldengatebridge) 20/1

Americas - Central & the Caribbean

Color Deckname #/$
LimeGreen Tacos (tacos) 20/1

Asia - Eastern & South-Eastern

Color Deckname #/$
Orange Sashimi (sashimi) 20/1
Goldenrod Yi Peng Lantern Festival (yipenglanternfestival) 20/1

Asia - Southern

Color Deckname #/$
Coral Chaat (chaat) 20/1

Europe - Northern & Western

Color Deckname #/$
SteelBlue Austria (austria) 20/1
LightSkyBlue Swiss Alps (swissalps) 20/1

Europe - Southern & Eastern

Color Deckname #/$
SandyBrown The Parthenon (parthenon) 20/1